Camp de Luxembourg 2011-2012

La nouvelle année coïncide avec le début de la saison en grand bassin. Celle-ci demande aux nageurs d’être plus assidus et préparés; en effet, la transition entre petit bac’ et bassin “olympique” se fait généralement dans la douleur, car on ne peut pas se relancer du mur tous les 25m.

Les 12 jours passés à Luxembourg, en grand bassin, ont sans doute contribué à lancer la nouvelle saison. Du gros travail de fond a été fourni par la quinzaine de nageurs “Elite” présents (100x100m, 40x100m jambes seules, et bien d’autres séries), complétant ainsi le travail de vitesse et de technique privilégié depuis septembre. Mais c’est aussi un travail sur le “team spirit” qui a été rendu possible au Centre d’Coque. La saison avance, et tous ces éléments seront mis à l’épreuve plus concrètement lors des Championnats suisses d’Oerlikon, du 15 au 18 mars.

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The Briggs Family

During this summer I have been working with the three Briggs boys – Trey, P.J. and John – down in the Keys. They had a full week of private lessons and we all learned a lot from each other. You can read their testimonial about their experience on the Race Club website.

Race Club Summer Camps 2010

Rajib Dey, the assistant coach for India at the Beijing Olympics, visited the Summer Camps at the University of Miami to learn about the coaching methods of The Race Club. This is video is the 1st part talking about starts. You can watch the 2nd part on flip turns on YouTube.

Tenerife Flume Channel

Short video of me swimming fly at slow speed in the flume channel at the Tenerife Top Training. Please be patient as it may take a moment for the video to load before it will start to play.

Tenerife Day Fifteen

This completes my daily bits from Tenerife. I’m sitting at the airport Tenerife North while I start writing this last entry. Today wasn’t our lucky day. Our flight got delayed by about an hour and a half and it looks like back home the ground personnel is on strike and there’s about a two our wait at the baggage reclaim.

I did finally get the videos from both of my flume channel swims and will try to post a short sample of me swimming fly later this week. Before leaving the hotel this morning I sat down with my coach and watch all of them again. I think we might have found something that will help me to improve a lot and enhance my swimming.

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Tenerife Day Fourteen

“Last” day in Tenerife … it was a busy one! Not only did we have two pool and one gym session on the program but I also planned to meet up with Cassandra and her family. Today also marked the day where I didn’t have to do  an additional set or some additional stroke work at the end of workout after almost two weeks. It almost felt weird finishing up with the team and just doing the regular workout.

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