Tenerife Day Fifteen

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This completes my daily bits from Tenerife. I’m sitting at the airport Tenerife North while I start writing this last entry. Today wasn’t our lucky day. Our flight got delayed by about an hour and a half and it looks like back home the ground personnel is on strike and there’s about a two our wait at the baggage reclaim.

I did finally get the videos from both of my flume channel swims and will try to post a short sample of me swimming fly later this week. Before leaving the hotel this morning I sat down with my coach and watch all of them again. I think we might have found something that will help me to improve a lot and enhance my swimming.

But back to our trip. The delay only got bigger and we were already thinking about spending the night at the airport in Barcelona. “Fortunately”, our connection flight also got delayed (because of the strike in Geneva) and eventually we were just in time for boarding.

Goes without a saying that we arrived rather late at the airport in Geneva. We knew that our luggage might not make it to the baggage reclaim belts soon after we landed but in the end we all went home without any luggage at all. Could have been a better day but I guess it just was our turn of all those thousand passengers traveling every day.

Just a detail to end. I don’t know if you noticed but we did the 150’000 meters! I also got some more pictures and I will try to post them in the gallery soon. If you missed any of my daily bits you can find all of them here.