Andy Deichert was coaching me while I was training in Florida. I can’t tell enough good things about Andy and suggest you watch this interview to get to know him and learn a little about his approach to training.

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Gary was on the Tech of Sports Podcast talking about some of the technology involved in training athletes today.


Meli Malani from Fiji who had been training in the Keys with me this summer flew over to New Zealand after the Far Western Championships in California to compete in the 2011 NZ Short Course Championships. Meli won the 50 butterfly (26.45) and the 50 breaststroke (30.47), got the silver medal in the 50 free (24.42), got 4th place in the 100 butterfly (1:00.96) and got 7th place in the 100 free (56.18). He also swam the 100 IM but didn’t make final in that event. This was a great meet for Meli. Full results can be found on the New Zealand Swimming website.

Meli NZ 2011

Meli with his dad after winning the 50 butterfly in New Zealand.

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    Just this past week I also worked again with the swimmer from Tampa Bay Aquatics while on their 3rd team training trip in the Florida Keys. This time around it was more focus on dryland and circuit work as Gary did the technique sessions. You can read Julia Lamb’s, TBAY coach, testimonial on their experience on the Race Club website.

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    During this summer I have been working with the three Briggs boys – Trey, P.J. and John – down in the Keys. They had a full week of private lessons and we all learned a lot from each other. You can read their testimonial about their experience on the Race Club website.


Madi has been down in the Keys for a Race Club camp more than once but her last visit was the first time I got to coach her. She has been on a roll lately and her mom sent me some pictures from Sectionals where she wore the Swiss cap. Go Madi!

Read her full testimonial on the Race Club website.

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series The Race Cub Secret Tips

We (The Race Club) started a video swim tip series on kicking. This is the 3rd part called “Legs – Stabilizing Force” and features yours truly to the best of my abilities as I’m trying to get back in the pool more often myself. If you want to find out how to improve your kicking skills, I highly suggest to watch all four parts of this special series.




This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series The Race Cub Secret Tips

Please go to the Race Club website for a full transcript of this swim tip on avoiding overheating in swimming.

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