Nico Founders 2011

Résolution et non pas révolution

Avec le dernier bulletin du Vevey Natation a paru ma petite présentation pour les membres du club. J’avais promis de faire un petit mots par rapport à mon engagement au Vevey Natation. J’ai donc décidé de partager l’article du bulletin avec vous tous.

101 Coaching Tips – Plan

Plan – “You just can’t coach without first developing a written down, detailed, systematic periodised annual training plan”. Read more about Coaching Without Periodisation on Wayne Goldsmith’s blog.

Freestyle Swimming

Coach Ben Titley was a recent guest on the Morning Swim Show and at the end talked about some details of the iPhone app he’s created to help coaches and swimmers with freestyle technique. Here’s the description in the iTunes store: “Welcome to the world’s premier freestyle swimming app by Ben Titley. Ben is the …

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The Pyramid of Open Water Success

This webinar, hosted by Open Water Swimming author Steven Munatones, a renowned marathon swimmer, coach, and commentator, will provide valuable information on preparing for, training for, and competing in an open-water event. Space is limited so reserve your seat at

Tampa Bay Aquatics

Just this past week I also worked again with the swimmer from Tampa Bay Aquatics while on their 3rd team training trip in the Florida Keys. This time around it was more focus on dryland and circuit work as Gary did the technique sessions. You can read Julia Lamb’s, TBAY coach, testimonial on their experience …

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The Briggs Family

During this summer I have been working with the three Briggs boys – Trey, P.J. and John – down in the Keys. They had a full week of private lessons and we all learned a lot from each other. You can read their testimonial about their experience on the Race Club website.

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