Finswimming Championships 2010

Finswimming Championships 2010

On Saturday June 12th I participated at the 2010 Finswimming Championships in Brig. In the midst of final exams at school and not really a great training regime I decided this was the one distraction needed to “recharge” my batteries. As I was limited to one day, my program for this year’s meet looked a bit different from what it probably would have otherwise. And it also marked my first outdoors competition of the year.

I started the morning with the prelims of the 100m FS and placed 2nd with a time of 48.6 which was good considering I was holding back a little and using my soft workout fin. Next up was the 50m AP. I won the silver medal in 19.5 which came rather as a surprise. I used the Glide for this race what probably slowed my down off the blocks, so I was actually pretty happy with that time as well.

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Copa da Natal 2009

Copa da Natal 2009

On Sunday Dec 6th I participated at the Copa da Natal hosted by the Flippers Team Locarno at the Centro Sportivo di Tenero. We left around noon on the day before the meet to bring the 6h travel involved in getting from Geneva to Tenero behind us in a more or less stress free and comfortable manner.

Even though I felt tired because my studies kept me busy and up late many nights, I was looking forward to compete in LCM again. Finswimming is just a different beast in SCM with twice as much under water work involved. And of course in the “high-speed” events such as the 50m AP the turn slows you considerable down.

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Crystal Cup 2009

On Saturday Oct 24th I participated at the 30th edition of the Crystal Cup hosted by the SLRG Oberwallis in Fiesch.

This meet is the season opener for most Swiss finswimming athletes but this year not as much of them eventually showed up in Fiesch. With the weekend being placed right at the end of the holidays a lot of the athletes enjoyed the warm weather some place else rather than the chilly mountains. I for one had a great day and a lot of fun.

The format of the meet is really simple. You won’t win anything unless you compete in all the events. Try do to your best in your weak events and score in your strong events to come out on top at the end of the two days. Although I already knew I won’t be eligible for the final rankings because I only raced on Saturday, I went ahead and swam all events on this one day anyway.

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CMAS Finswimming World Cup Ranking 2009

The final ranking of the 2009 CMAS Finswimming World Cup is out. As you know I did compete in two (Aix en Provence and Tenero) out of the six stops. I tie 5 other athletes on rank 161 out of a 285 total. My final point total is 58 pts, scoring 4 pts in Aix en Provence and 54 pts in Tenero. Looking forward to improve on that score during the 2010 World Cup Series.

Campionati Svizzeri Nuoto Pinnato Tenero 2009

SUSV Tenero 09

This year’s Finswimming Championships were held on Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7 at the Centro Sportivo in Tenero. Unfortunately, the first day of the meet had to be canceled due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. As a consequence of this, Sunday was packed with events as the organizers decided to integrate most of the events into the program of this second day of competition.

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