September – Saturday Morning Workouts

Saturday morning we usually stretch for about 45 minutes before the swim workout. I wasn’t able to be on deck the past two Saturday mornings but wrote the workouts for the team. You can download the workouts as a PDF file from ProSwimWorkouts using the following links: VN110917 – VN110924

Road to Hawaii – Ironman Workouts

This week I started working with Mike Aigroz, world class Swiss triathlete and Ironman athlete. He’s getting ready to leave for Hawaii in about 10 days to get ready for the big show. He has been doing his swim training with Vevey Natation for a while now but never really asked for specific help. He approached me last week, asking if I were interested in helping him with his swimming before his departure for Hawaii.

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Vevey Natation Initial Workout

Most of you probably heard that on September 1, 2011 I officially started with Vevey Natation as their new Head Coach. Training for my groups started on Monday, August 29, 2011 and I wanted to share the initial workout the team did with all off you. We started slow with an aerobic freestyle and kicking …

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3×3 Training Plan – Get Back in Swimming Shape

I recently got contacted by a friend who needed a plan to get back in the pool after some time off. So I came up with this 3 workouts plan where each workout has 3 options for the main set. This will allow to adapt your workout on how you feel and how you shape up on a daily basis. If you cycle through this once, it will add up to a 3 week plan (with 3 workouts a week). This should allow enough time to get back in swimming shape working on aerobic capacity, kicking and of course drills and technique. You can get the 3x3SwimPlan as a PDF file on ProSwimWorkouts.

Triathlon Swimming Workout

Last week one of the local Masters swimmer had a friend visiting who’s into Triathlon. He started out last year and I gave him a couple private lessons back then. So when he came back last week, he asked me if I could come up with a “triathlon” specific workout for him. There’s probably no such thing as a triathlon specific swimming workout other than actually being out in the open water. But I think this quick workout covers most of the important parts you would like to work on. You can download the workout as a PDF file on ProSwimWorkouts.

Swim Workouts Manatee Masters Week #9

It’s been a busy two weeks and I was also on deck with the Fighting Manatee Masters again and have two weeks of workouts for you this time. Friday, March 11 the pool was closed but I did do some dryland/yoga for about 45 minutes with a small group (you won’t find this routine for …

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Swim Workouts Manatee Masters Week #8

Another week of coaching with the Fighting Manatee Masters. Monday morning was more of a distance and freestyle focused workout where on Wednesday morning we got some serious leg work done. You can get the two workouts over at ProSwimWorkouts using the following links: FMM110221 – FMM110223

Swim Workouts Manatee Masters Week #7

I’ve been coaching the Fighting Manatee Masters Team for two mornings last week. The group worked they’re way up to workouts over 3000m since last summer and have a strong group going every other morning. The first workout was aerobic and mostly freestyle oriented whereas the second workout had a strong IM warming up mixed with some hypoxic work for the main part. You can get the two workouts from ProSwimWorkouts using the following links: FMM110214FMM110216

Workout Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last Thursday I went to Maggligen for a workout with one of my former teammates and oldest swimming friends. His team was away for a meet and he went through some hard training earlier in the week so it was sort of a recovery workout with some smooth build swims. I’m thinking about making a subscription based workouts stream available, so I though you might like this one in the meantime. Download the workout as a PDF on