Swim Workouts Manatee Masters Week #8

Another week of coaching with the Fighting Manatee Masters. Monday morning was more of a distance and freestyle focused workout where on Wednesday morning we got some serious leg work done. You can get the two workouts over at ProSwimWorkouts using the following links: FMM110221FMM110223

2 thoughts on “Swim Workouts Manatee Masters Week #8”

  1. Nico,
    I’m looking at doing your workout from 2/23/11 tomorrow morning, but I’m not sure what ‘lung busters’ are… (though I’m sure it’s going to be painful) could you explain? Thanks!!! Can’t wait to get back down to FL for the rea

  2. Hi Patti,

    glad you found the workouts! There are two different versions of the lung buster drill.

    1. if it’s a pulling set you increase the breathing pattern as far up as you can starting out breathing on the first stroke then after two, then after three, then after four, then after five and so forth until you come to the number where you can’t hold your breath any longer and you start over again
    2. if it’s a sprint drill you’ll exhale all your air under water sitting at the wall before pushing off and sprinting as far as you can without any air in your lungs.

    Have a great swim!

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