Road to Hawaii – Ironman Workouts

This week I started working with Mike Aigroz, world class Swiss triathlete and Ironman athlete. He’s getting ready to leave for Hawaii in about 10 days to get ready for the big show. He has been doing his swim training with Vevey Natation for a while now but never really asked for specific help. He approached me last week, asking if I were interested in helping him with his swimming before his departure for Hawaii.

Of course I was more than happy to help him and do my best so he will get out of the water with one of the first groups in Hawaii. Mike has been competing at the world class level for several years and has a clear idea of what he needs and wants to work on during his swim sessions but he’s also willing to try some of my ideas. Once he gets back from Hawaii, we will sit down together and if he liked my coaching and workout style start working closer together.

For now I wanted to share his first two workouts. As always, you can download the workouts as a PDF file from Mike110907Mike110908

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