Road to Hawaii – Ironman Workouts

This week I started working with Mike Aigroz, world class Swiss triathlete and Ironman athlete. He’s getting ready to leave for Hawaii in about 10 days to get ready for the big show. He has been doing his swim training with Vevey Natation for a while now but never really asked for specific help. He approached me last week, asking if I were interested in helping him with his swimming before his departure for Hawaii.

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What’s the future of Swimming?

Recently I got caught up in a discussion with a swimmer friend about the future of technology. Somehow we ended up comparing the progress in technology to the progress in swimming and what seemed to be totally swimming unrelated in the beginning of course ended up being a heated swimming discussion between the two of us. What follows is a sum up of my personal opinion and our ramblings that started with the simple question and answer below and went on for far too long.

Question: “What’s the future of swimming?”
Answer: “Nobody knows!”

We know there are certain things that work no matter if you’re a pool or open water athlete, no matter if you swim sprints, middle-distance or distance events…all the greats of the past and the present have figured out those little details that work. But still a lot of athletes and especially coaches wonder what will the future bring to the sport of swimming. How are things going to change and what might be something only few are trying today that will be the next big thing to do to make your athletes fast in the future? Well, the answer is pretty simple – nobody knows!

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Freestyle Swimming

Coach Ben Titley was a recent guest on the Morning Swim Show and at the end talked about some details of the iPhone app he’s created to help coaches and swimmers with freestyle technique. Here’s the description in the iTunes store: “Welcome to the world’s premier freestyle swimming app by Ben Titley. Ben is the …

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The Secret Life of Swimmers

The Secret Life of Swimmers is a public art project created by Judy Starkman for the City of Culver City. The images tell a the story of swimmers outside the pool. You can see all the photos of the project in Judy’s portfolio and even watch a promo video for the art exhibit.

The Pyramid of Open Water Success

This webinar, hosted by Open Water Swimming author Steven Munatones, a renowned marathon swimmer, coach, and commentator, will provide valuable information on preparing for, training for, and competing in an open-water event. Space is limited so reserve your seat at

The Briggs Family

During this summer I have been working with the three Briggs boys – Trey, P.J. and John – down in the Keys. They had a full week of private lessons and we all learned a lot from each other. You can read their testimonial about their experience on the Race Club website.