Columns on random topics surrounding the sport of swimming.

Iron deficiency

I bring this to you because I experienced iron deficiency myself and think that this article provides a pretty much complete overview of the topic. We all need it, but do we get enough? Iron deficiency is the most common mineral deficiency in the world and can affect your active lifestyle as well as your …

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A Special Medal

An Olympic medal, the dream of every athlete! It doesn’t matter what sport the athlete won the medal. If you ask those athletes, it’s the moment they all remember as it was yesterday. The moment they took their place on the medal stand and eventually being awarded for their efforts when the winner’s flags are …

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Champion Ingredients

Champion Ingredients

Something I get asked a lot lately particularly by people not familiar with swimming is “What makes a champion in your sport?”. What I’m about to tell you could apply to almost any sport but, of course, comes from what I believe makes for a great swimmer.

Advice To Coaches

Advice to Coaches (and Swimmers)

As coaching starts to become my primary responsibility at the pool, I realize there are five important things to keep in mind doing this job. I still consider myself a total rookie and this post is directed more toward swim coaches who are just beginning their coaching career.

2010 Swimwear of the Year

2010 Swimwear of the Year

Swimming in the years B.J. (before Jaked) supposedly wasn’t a sport of high interest. There seemed to be a lonely warrior, Michael Phelps, on a quest to bring swimming to the main stream and into the living rooms of millions of people.

What’s the future of Swimming?

Recently I got caught up in a discussion with a swimmer friend about the future of technology. Somehow we ended up comparing the progress in technology to the progress in swimming. Please leave a comment a let us know what you think the future holds for swimming.

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