Inside the Edge – Ryan Lochte

Most of you probably heard by now that Ryan Lochte is a sponsored by Gatorade and shot a commercial for their new G Series products. “A freak among freaks…”, watch the video, lots of good stuff for swim fans!

Are You Eating Enough?

“Food intake” is an important part of every athletes daily schedule. But are you eating enough? How many meals a day should you plan each day? Nathan Jendrick answers these exact same questions on his latest nutrition “Are You Eating Enough?“.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Did you still not find the perfect pre-workout snack that will power you through a full practice? Then Nathan Jendrick’s latest column entitled “Pre-Workout Nutrition” will help you to get behind the secret of pre-workout snacking.

Time for Tyrosine

Nathan Jendrick explains one of Thunderbolt’s ingredients in more depth. Read why Tyrosine is one of only four ingredients for Thunderbolt in his second post “Time for Tyrosine“.

Thunderbolt: Effective Simplicity

Nathan Jendrick, the newest addition to the Race Club staff, published his first column explaining the supplement Thunderbolt. I did try it myself and couldn’t agree more with Nathan. Find out why Thunderbolt is unique by reading “Thunderbolt: Effective Simplicity” and if you like purchase some for your own.

Iron deficiency

I bring this to you because I experienced iron deficiency myself and think that this article provides a pretty much complete overview of the topic. We all need it, but do we get enough? Iron deficiency is the most common mineral deficiency in the world and can affect your active lifestyle as well as your …

Iron deficiency Read More »

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