Swiss Championships 2009

Swiss Championships 2009

Swiss Long Course National Championships were held from Thursday March 19th trough Sunday March 22nd at the indoor pool in Oerlikon. I decided to participate in only two individual sprint events at this year’s National Championships. And of course I took a lot of pride in competing with my team mates in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

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Championnat Romand d’hiver (petit bassin)

Le Championnat Romand d’hiver en petit bassin a eu lieu le samedi 28 février et dimanche 1er mars à la piscine de Tivoli à Lancy. Avec les Championnats Suisses en vue, un grand nombre des équipes Romandes ont soit décidé de sauter la compétition ou de participer au Hi-Point Meeting à Oerlikon où se dérouleront les Championnats Suisses.

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Jorge & Yolanda Caragol Masters Invitational

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The best way to get your body used to swim fast is to race. For this reason, Saturday morning in Islamorada is race day. Warm-up and get ready to swim fast. Even better than race in workouts is to race in meets.

Somehow in the first part of your preparation cycle, the most important point is not always to swim your personal best but to get the effect of fast swimming. After two weeks of hard work in a camp, I was really happy to join the local Masters swimmer Tanya Hanson for the meet in Lauderhill.

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