Fla. Keys artist completes 8-mile lighthouse swim

On Saturday, August 11, I was part of an Open Water swim to the Alligator Lighthouse, in order to bring attention to the Florida Keys lighthouses which are among the oldest in the world. Read more in this article from the Miami Herald “Fla. Keys artist completes 8-mile lighthouse swim“.

Nation on Trial

The GB Rowing Team invites you to get fit this February and put yourself to the test – just like their rowers – and take the 2K Trial!

SwimMAC – $20.12 Campaign

SwimMAC’s Elite Team came up with a great idea to help their athletes with the $20.12 campaign. Donate today and help them on their way to the 2012 London Olympics.

101 Coaching Tips – Plan

Plan – “You just can’t coach without first developing a written down, detailed, systematic periodised annual training plan”. Read more about Coaching Without Periodisation on Wayne Goldsmith’s blog.

The Secret Life of Swimmers

The Secret Life of Swimmers is a public art project created by Judy Starkman for the City of Culver City. The images tell a the story of swimmers outside the pool. You can see all the photos of the project in Judy’s portfolio and even watch a promo video for the art exhibit.

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