Fin-Alholics Anonymous

Gary Sr.’s latest Aqua Note called “Fin-Alholics Anonymous” is a great read for athletes from the swimming and finswimming community. If you’re like Gary Sr. and need help swimming more without your fins … well maybe his 12 step program can help.


Do you have a hero, someone you look up to? If not, find one quick for the good of your swimming. Read who Gary Sr.’s hero was and why you should have one as well in his latest Aqua Note “Heroes“.

The Hybrid Freestyle For Middle Distance Events

Gary Sr. shares with us his opinions on what he believes is the most efficient freestyle technique for middle distance swimmers. I heard in Texas they call it the “Gallop”, he calls it the “Hybrid Freestyle”. No matter what your name for this freestyle technique is, you can read Gary’s thoughts in the Aqua Note called “The Hybrid Freestyle For Middle Distance Events“.

Summer Training Camp at the University of Miami

Back on January 25, Gary Sr. posted another Aqua Note on the University of Miami Summer Training Camps that The Race Club offers. In this post Gary shares what he thinks are some of the benefits of attending the Race Club Training Camps. And because there’s a slight chance I might be involved in the coaching this summer you should read it all at “Summer Training Camp at the University of Miami” and reserve your spot.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend A Race Club Camp In 2010

What are your plans for 2010 ? Gary Hall Sr., gives you 10 reasons why you should add a camp with the Race Club to your list. Aside from all the reasons Gary lists in his post there are plenty more I could add. Heck, there’s even a chance that I will be part of the coaching stuff for your camp … don’t wait no longer. Go to the Race Club website and sign-up for a camp.