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Fin-Alholics Anonymous

Gary Sr.’s latest Aqua Note called “Fin-Alholics Anonymous” is a great read for athletes from the swimming and finswimming community. If you’re like Gary Sr. and need help swimming more without your fins … well maybe his 12 step program can help.

It’s in his kick …

Do you have a workout song? If not you might like the one Gary Hall Sr. came up with during one of this recent morning workouts. Read all about it in his latest Aqua Note called “It’s in his kick …“.


Do you have a hero, someone you look up to? If not, find one quick for the good of your swimming. Read who Gary Sr.’s hero was and why you should have one as well in his latest Aqua Note “Heroes“.

Swimming Efficiently

There is more than one way to swim fast. But not all of them are efficient. Learn how you can become faster and more efficient in the pool in Gary Sr.’s latest Aqua Note “Swimming Efficiently“.

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