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Back in the Swim of Things

In his latest Aqua Note “Back in the Swim of Things“, Gary Hall Sr. talks about getting back to competition after a 2 year layoff, setting World Records and some of his experience from the last 14 months of coaching and teaching at the Race Club.

In Memory of Flip

In his latest Aqua Note, Gary Hall Sr. honors his coach who passed away last week. Read how Flip Darr influenced Gary Hall Sr.’s youth in the “In Memory of Flip” column.

What is Liquid Oxygen?

Gary Hall Sr. gives us the run down on the Liquid Oxygen, which they sell through the Race Club Online Store. Get to know what exactly it is, how you should use it and why it has a beneficial effect on your athletic performance. Read it all at “What is Liquid Oxygen“.

Four Great Drills

Four great drills that share the fundamentals of fast Swimming by Gary Hall Sr. It’s a sum up of some of his previous Aqua Notes such as “Thick As A Brick – P1/P2“, “Swim With Your Body“, “Swimming On the Freeway” as well as a drill progression set for your workout.

Thunderbolt to the Rescue

Gary Hall Sr. is back after the holidays and follows up on his previous Aqua Note about their new vitamin product Thunderbolt and shares some of this goals for 2009 with us. Read his latest column called “Thunderbold to the Rescue“.

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