Our swim with the Dolphins

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There’s one thing, both of us (Michelle and I) always wanted to do. Swimming with dolphins. So we started to check the facilities we have in the Keys. After checking all possibilities, we decided to go to Dolphins Plus to have our swim.

Located on the ocean side of Key Largo, Florida, DOLPHINS PLUS, INC. operates a marine mammal facility involved in environmental education programs, in-water therapy with handicapped, and the study of inter-species interaction between dolphins and humans. Dolphins Plus is a member of the National Marine Mammal Stranding Network. It works closely with organizations such as the Marine Mammal Rescue Foundation, Inc. and the in-water therapy programs offered by ISLAND DOLPHIN CARE.

DOLPHINS PLUS offers a STRUCTURED swim program and a NATURAL swim program. The programs are designed for those interested in learning more about dolphins and their environment and will provide a total role reversal experience with the human, entering the dolphin world as a swimmer or a snorkeler.

Michelle and I decided for the NATURAL swim program. During these sessions, they allow a limited number of humans into the water with the dolphins. As much diving and swimming underwater as possible is recommended.

Dolphin Plus makes no promises of any direct contact between human participants and dolphins in their nonstructured programs. These animals are acclimated to being in the water with humans. The dolphins set the pace.

The program begins with an informational briefing about dolphins, including topics such as natural history, intelligence, anatomy, communication, social structure and environmental issues affecting dolphins. The briefing will also contain information on how participants should conduct themselves in the water.

Doing this swim with the dolphins made a dream come true. For Michelle and myself, it has been a unique experience and we both were so fascinated that we may go back for a second time. And we recommend to everyone who has the chance to swim with dolphins to do it.

I can’t put this experience in words and describe the feelings I had. But Michelle and I agree that we shall always remember this special moment when we entered for a short time the world of the dolphins.

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  1. We are grandparents to three children. Ages 12, 8 and 4. The 12 year old is severely handicapped with Rett Syndrome. We would like to schedule a trip to swim with the dolphins. We would all like to swim but need assistance for the 12 year old. We would swim multiple times – eg: three days
    We would also need to find a condiminium that would have at least 3 bedrooms in the area close to you.
    Can you give me some information? Thank you, Elizabeth Miller

    • Elizabeth,

      Are you close to the Florida Keys or would you consider traveling there? If I remember right where I did my swim with the dolphins, Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, you could certainly try to set this up with them. Although, I’m not a 100% sure if it would be the right thing as your 12 year old probably would benefit more from a “therapeutic” swim. I will send you some more links to facilities down here in the Keys that all do dolphin swims. It shouldn’t be a problem to find a place to rent for a few days down here. Please, get back to me if you didn’t get a message within the next two to three days.

      Hope you’ll be able to set this up. It was an amazing and unique experience for me.

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