Tenerife Day Ten

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Quite a lazy day. We started our daily routine in the morning but with the rumors confirmed we would not have to go back to the pool in the afternoon today. After a rough day yesterday this morning was mainly just swimming. And I finally got to have my massage as well after the morning workout.

There’s really not much to tell today. Swimming 7000m meters in the  morning without getting too much hurt (aside from the pain that is there since day one) and a massage after practice … sounds good to me.

After lunch I tried to get some school work done but the training camp and “holiday” feeling didn’t help to get done a bunch. But at least I tried to be a good student.

I’m probably going to take a short walk on the beach and a short “swim” in the hotel pool before dinner. But I guess that will be all for the day. We’ll be back in action for a few more full days again tomorrow morning.

Also today I got contacted (did you know that you can get in touch with me as well?) by someone living on the Island who wants me to take a look at his daughters finswimming and possibly work with her for a while on one of the days before we leave on Sunday. I’ll try to set something up for Saturday Jan 2nd in the morning.

70007000 / 105800

You can download the workout from Day 8 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.

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      • It happened then. I hope everything was ok with them, I'm helping them too. Ok I think we will see in the future in some Finswimming Competitions…




        • Everything went well. Got to give Cassandra some advice but I think most of what I was able to tell her she kind of already knew from you. Cassandra was able to do the Flume Channel swim which I think will help her to improve and help others like you because the videos are great. Glad I was able to help.

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