My first week with Michelle

This entry is part 4 of 18 in the series Race Club Diaries

When Anthony left Islamorada, I moved to the Race Club house. As Gary left the house for a trip to the Bahamas with his grand-father and Bebe left for spending some time in San Diego, I was home alone.

This first day alone, I tried to get more familiar with the place where I spend my time. I went out with the Jeep to explore a bit of the Keys. When I came back in the early evening, I was still alone at the Race Club house. But not for long. Only a few minutes after I found a comfortable position on the couch and a good movie on TV, Michelle Engelsman came through the door.

She came in, placed her stuff in the house and then cooked pasta for dinner for the two of us! Thus, we ate, got to know some first things from each other and then went to bed to be ready for the workout in the morning.

Before Gary left, he told me that things would get more serious having Michelle here with us. And he was right. After the 2 “warm-up” weeks (how Anthony liked to call them), things are really getting serious. We started swimming twice a day, morning and evening. And I started to do gym sessions with Michelle.

Michelle has a lot of friends here in Islamorada, as this is not her first stay with The Race Club. And everybody has been really happy to see her again. This means we were invited to come for dinner and go out with their boat. The whole week I had delicious food every evening (also when we were at home, as Michelle cooks really excellent!) and a great time when we went out with the boat to see the sunset.

With so much happening and with the workouts, the week passed faster than any week before. I think we became a good team over this first week and I’m looking forward to some more good weeks with Michelle.