Islamorada with Michelle Engelsman

This entry is part 9 of 18 in the series Race Club Diaries

Not a long time ago I was sitting on the coach and Michelle came through the door. And during these 3 weeks Michelle spent here in Islamorada, things were getting started

If you have followed my diary entries so far, you already know a lot of the things Michelle and I were doing together here in Islamorada. But yes, it was all about fun. Swimming with the dolphins, fishing with Mangrove Mike’s, going out with the boats to snorkel or watch the sunset. But that’s only one side of our Race Club life, don’t think that all days had been relaxed like these. We also did a lot of serious work!

So let me take you on a “typical” workout day. All starts at 9 a.m. at the pool with the morning water session. This first workout takes about 1.5 hours. And after this, there are several ways to continue our day. Depending on what we planned to do in the afternoon, the morning session was followed by core work (abs and stuff like this and boxing) or go straight ahead to the next step which is breakfast at Mangrove Mike’s (also very important!). Our “business as usual” breakfast is chocolate chips pancake for Michelle and the country wrap with grits for me.

Everything we needed after a morning like this was a short nap or just relax a bit at The Race Club house before our day continues. The afternoon could e.g. start with a 1 hour gym session around 3 p.m. at Froggy’s Gym, followed by another water workout, starting with some sprint work on the green. Without the gym session, we started our afternoon at 4 p.m. at the pool with whatever our daily program had foreseen to do after the morning session.

And after busy days like this there are only two things that you really need and want to do. Enjoy a good dinner and afterwards your bed to be ready for the next day.

Michelle has gone back to Australia and I miss these days with her. Thanks Michelle, and I hope we will meet again soon.