From Switzerland to Islamorada

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Last summer after graduating from my 4 years’ studies in Trade and Commerce, I decided to make my dream true and focus on swimming for at least one year. What I want to find out in this time is, if I can go further in swimming than “only” Swiss National Championships or if I just love this sport and have fund with a couple of workouts a week

So I began to write Emails to leading swimming clubs all over Europe to find a place I could stay for a while in a professional surrounding with professional workouts. As a fan of Gary Hall Jr., The Race Club was always in my head on top of my list, but everybody around me told me that I would never be accepted to stay over there. Encouraged by my former American coach, Chris Morgan, and because I always go my own way, I decided to try it anyway. And look, where I am now!

My dream has become reality – I am in Islamorada, doing my workouts with The Race Club. Believe me, I feel just great and happy – with the workouts as well as with the people around me. They make me feel welcome and being for some time part of the Race Club Family.

What my stay will bring to my swimming skills in seconds, I can’t tell you today – only 2 weeks after my arrival. But I feel like improving a bit more in every workout – to something and someone that is better than the guy who came over from Switzerland.

I will take that chance I have been given and I strongly believe that when you love what you are doing, you can’t loose!