As Good As It Gets / Among the Best – Part 1

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Can it get any better than this? Try to image the following – You’re about 12 hours back in the Keys and after a first short swim in the morning you’re already out there on the sea to chase some lobster for dinner – read up to the end for the answer.

Only one way to start this diary entry. Let me officially announce that the World Team has a new favorite TV channel – the high definition spear fishing channel.

Sounds weird? … I guess it sure does! But what do you expect from a bunch of swimmers of which, after my knowledge, most would answer the following question with a YES.

“Would you like to be a professional spear fisher and/or lobster hunter?”

Okay, to make a long day (story) short, we’ve been out on the boat for most of the day hunting for our dinner and bringing in a couple of lobster and one fish speared by George.

If we can believe Gary, he has an amazing technique and is the best spear fisher that came down to the Keys lately. But honestly, I wasn’t surprised by this fact. This is probably the way “George from the Jungle” had been hunting for his food all his life.

Once back at the Hall’s residence, we had to get those lobsters ready for the grill. So we’re standing on the docks when Gary told me the following:

“Opening day of lobster season is almost better than Christmas – oh no, wait; actually it is better than Christmas.”

As we’re coming to the dinner part here, I think you already have figured out that evening practice did take place without any of us. But you should also know by now that spear fishing is a pretty good workout too and we really earned this delicious dinner. George even enjoyed some of the lobster’s head that he had put on the grill earlier (has to be a Jungle thing).

It was a beautiful day and I had a great time – so to answer my question from the beginning. No, I couldn’t have had a better first day being back in the Keys and YES I wouldn’t mind being paid for being a professional spear fisher and/or lobster hunter.