Tenerife Day Twelve

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Although this is the entry for December 31st, as I’m sitting here on the coach writing it’s already 2010, so Happy New Year! May the lanes be plenty and all the water good and fast!

After the morning workout we had another flume channel session on the program to be able to compare our swim with last week’s tapes. But first we had to earn to swim the channel as we had a 6x800m to go through. Well, at least workout went over quick this way and with all the easy and loosen swimming between and after the flume we did a total of 9300 meters this morning.

In the afternoon we had a solid free pace set with pullbuoy and paddles. Made it through pretty well holding solid splits but was a bit hurt at the end. Back at the hotel we had another special dinner waiting for us to start the closing of 2009.

There’s only one full day of training left in Tenerife for us before we’ll leave on Sunday. Obviously, this makes tomorrow, January 1st, a day off as the Tenerife Top Training will be closed. But I’m thinking about a short run and ocean swim in the afternoon.

By the way, our goal is to get to 150’000 meters overall for this training camp. It looks like we will be there on the spot at the end of Saturday’s afternoon workout.

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You can download the two workouts from Day 10 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.