Tenerife Day Three

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Starting to get used to the daily routine here in Tenerife. Morning wake up at 7 am and a short breakfast before leaving for morning workout. Again not really nice weather this morning and rather cold water at the pool. But again, as we’re using those two weeks to build up a basis for next year, we stay mostly warm after a couple minutes of warm-up.

I forgot to tell you yesterday that the pool here is a salt water pool. That’s pretty cool and I really like the feel of it. No gym work on the program today so I went to the “Stretching Room” after the morning workout and enjoyed the Ocean view.

Back in the afternoon for more swimming. It stopped raining for a little while and the sun almost came out during our swim. But it was back to rain by the end of the workout. Overall we had a good day but I’m already starting to feel the fatigue building up with every workout and my little training before this camp.

We’ll see how that goes. Also check out the gallery post which I’ll be updating over the two weeks with new pictures.

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You can download the two workouts from Day 2 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.