Tenerife Day Six

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What a great day … it was our 1st day off after eight pool and two gym sessions. We did have a couple good ideas of what we wanted to do but it all changed that same day in the morning. After we all slept in a little longer for once and had our breakfast we tried to figure out what to do. The initial plan was to visit the “Monkey Park” in the morning and moving on to the “Siam Park” in the afternoon.

We did investigate the lady at the reception desk about all the different options and finally decided to go straight to the “Siam Park“. Apparently, the animals in the “Monkey Park” are held in small cages and aren’t happy at all. The lady told us to go and visit another animal park but this one was too far away since we don’t have a car at our disposal.

Yaws - Siam Park Tenerife

We were able to buy our tickets directly at the hotel reception and then took off with a taxi to Siam Park. It was a short drive and we arrived at 10 am sharp and were almost the first visitors to enter the park.

After a short walk around to check out the different attraction we went ahead for 5 straight ours running around and taking one slide after another.

On the left there’s a picture of their newest attraction called “Yaws”. Looks pretty scary but goes over really fast. The coolest part is that the tube is going through a pool with sharks and other aquatic animals. It’s hard to see any of them though as your rushing through the tube.

Although, only four of us decided to go to Siam Park but we had a great day and even some sun in the afternoon. The day ended with the Christmas dinner at our hotel in the evening.

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