Tenerife Day One

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We left from Geneva airport early in the morning. Our first flight went from Geneva to Barcelona where we had an almost 3 hours layover before we took the next flight this time nonstop to Tenerife North. From there we had a bus ride of about an hour to the other end of the island to our hotel.

There was one funny thing that happened to us when we arrived at the baggage reclaim at the airport in Tenerife. In short didn’t find one single piece of luggage from all five of us. But funny enough we were near the belts for EU countries and Switzerland is still not part of the EU. So after waiting endless minutes and complaining about not having our luggage someone actually told us that they arrived save and sound and were waiting for on another belt.

Overall it was quite long day with all the traveling. And all we did this same evening after unpacking our stuff was to go and see the facilities we’ll be training the next two weeks. The facility is called “Tenerife Top Training” and pretty great. Check out their website for pictures and more information.