Tenerife Day Nine

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After a hard day yesterday we did get some more easy swimming this morning with just some more intense kicking mixed in. In the morning the sun was still shinning and we went the full 8000 meters with ease. Before the afternoon session we heard a rumor that tomorrow afternoon will be off, so we got a little excited.

(Un)fortunately, the rumor got confirmed and we had to get to work during the afternoon session. Nothing like some serious pace work … even better if you get to do same set in fly as all the freestylers on your team. Although, I still felt the fatigue of the last week I managed to get through with the fly work in good style.

The other teams as well as another group from Lancy Natation were all at the pool today. There are now teams from Austria, Germany, Wales and Switzerland training at the Tenerife Top Training. Props to the group of your younger athletes who arrived late (early) at 4 am and showed up to morning practice.

We also started to tweak my fly technique over the last two days after we got the video analysis from the flume channel swim. Feels like it’s going to improve my fly by making my stroke more fluid. Also tomorrow I’m signed up for a massage … hopefully the guy will show up this time.

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You can download the two workouts from Day 7 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.