Tenerife Day Five

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First things first … Merry Christmas! Today was a big day. No gym work but a three hour session in the morning and swimming in the flume after the workout. And of course back for anther two hours in the afternoon. With our rest day coming up tomorrow both of those workouts were filled with pace sets and pretty hard.

The channel (flume) swim was pretty cool. It was my first time doing this and I look forward to get the video analysis and learn a lot more about my strokes. Also I’ll be able to do another session in the channel next week to compare my two swims. I will try post at least some pictures of next week’s swim or maybe even better a short video.

Although it did rain in the morning again, we swam in the sun for the whole afternoon session and almost got a tan. While we were swimming our afternoon session the last member of our training group arrived here in Tenerife.

After the morning session did I set up our Christmas tree (can’t celebrate Christmas without a tree). I’ll try to put up a picture of the tree either on Twitter or in the gallery post tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

We don’t know yet what we’ll be doing during our spare time tomorrow but we have some ideas and plans but decided to make a final decision in the morning.

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You can download the two workouts from Day 4 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.