Tenerife Day Eleven

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Wednesday’s are Spa days. But first we had to go through 2 pool and one gym session. The weather is still nice but there’s a pretty chilly breeze coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. Morning workout wasn’t that hard but we did some “warm-up” for the main set of fast 50’s in the afternoon. I’m also starting to think about changing my main stroke to something other than fly … it might just be me but there are way too many fly sets in practice lately.

Our afternoon started with a max and power weight session. Later we followed up with some fast 50’s in the pool. We were working quite a lot on DPS (distance per stroke) on the fast swimming parts lately and I’m getting to a point where I’m able to hold good splits with a low stroke count. Together with the tweaks we were able to do after the first flume channel session my fly starts to feel well again.

At the end of the afternoon session we had again access to the Spa of the Tenerife Top Training. I did quite an extensive sauna session today and felt great afterwards. Tomorrow morning we’ll be once more swimming in the flume channel. Hopefully, we be able to see some improvements from last weeks session and all the tweaking we did since then.

Sadly, our time comes slowly to an end. The facility will be closed on January 1st and that means another day off for us. We don’t have any plans yet for New Year’s Eve but I guess it won’t be hard to find some place to go.

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You can download the two workouts from Day 9 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.