Tenerife Day Eight

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Sunday but we still did doubles today. And to add to it, the workouts were pretty hard as well. The good news … the weather is finally set on sunshine from the morning hours.

One part of the morning session that we don’t really like is the 15 minutes “dryland” warm-up before the swimming. We already have to “climb” up to the pool early in the morning but once we get there it all really starts. Not that were not awake by the time we get to the pool but the routine our coach set up is pretty demanding and not so much fun early in the morning.

Before the afternoon workout we had another gym session on the program which didn’t help to get through the main set afterwards. But somehow we managed to get through all of the pain and get back to the hotel. This evening all of us were in bed and sleeping before 10 pm.

Another “fun” fact that I didn’t tell you about yet is that you have to wear a swim cap at the 3T pool. Also today marked the last day for the Russian Water Polo Team but there will be new swim teams coming in on Monday.

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You can download the two workouts from Day 6 in Tenerife at ProSwimworkouts.