Oyonnax Trip

To close the year 2008, I went on a short trip to Oyonnax (FRA) with my teammates and some of the youngsters of Lancy Natation.

The aim of the trip was really to have a good time together as a “family” and along the way spend some time with those young swimmers and hopefully inspire some of them to continue their journey in the world of swimming.

Centre Nautique OyonnaxAs you might already guess, we didn’t spend as much time in the water as our coach Benjamin probably would us have to. None the less, we did swim twice in the morning to kick off your days before we went cross-country skiing during the rest of the day. This sounds like fun and believe me it was, at least until the next morning when we realized how sore one can get from some beginner cross-country skiing hours.

We spent those two days with the youngsters from Oyonnax Natation and had a ton of fun together. Although, my teammates and I did swim on our own the young guns did team up for those two morning sessions. It was only a two day trip but this trip had what it takes to make it a good one. Of course there was some swimming, cross-country skiing, even a snowball fight and last but not least, we made some new friends.

With a rather slow going couple of weeks after Short Course Championships, my teammates and I were quite happy to get another day of rest before we will return to a regular training schedule and crank it up for 2009.