Stats 2009

It’s again time to take a quick look back at the last year and bring up some statistics about 2009. In short, you’ll know what happened last year and what I look forward to in 2010. There are some things I can’t just share yet but you’ll have a pretty good idea what my plans for this year will look like.

To sum 2009 up, I swam a grand total of 868.2km in 179 swimming sessions and 7 meets which sums up to 293 hours in the water. Just a last year I had a little “blow out” in the summer but this time for a pleasant reason. I was coaching the Florida Keys Swim Club and conducting camps with the Race Club.

This was the most fun I had in a long time and I couldn’t have enjoyed being on the deck every day and working with those kids more. Being around my friend Mark Hill for a few weeks before he left for Michigan was a great learning experience. And overall working with the little kids in the Learn to Swim program, the regular (competitive) groups of the FKSC, the Masters of the Fighting Manatees and even the Coral Shores High School team by the end of my stay was an invaluable experience.

I worked with athletes of all levels of abilities in the past but never was I “in charge” of overseeing and taking responsibility the overall program and the end result. Most things came rather easy to me, some other were more challenging. In the end, I think it all comes down to your passion and love for the sport that will define failure or success.

As you might already can guess there might be some plans in the near future that will me bring back to the Keys. But this is one of the things I just can’t tell you more about yet. For right know the most important thing is to graduate and get my CS degree.

One last thing to finish up. Something I would love to do better in 2010 is to interact with you (my visitors). Please feel free to use the comment feature … it’s great to hear your thoughts and share some of your experiences. Also don’t hesitate to contact me as did Cassandra while I was in Tenerife.