Meeting de Printemps

On Saturday April 24, I competed at the traditional Meeting de Printemps in Lancy. This is my club team’s home meet and always a lot of fun. The format of the meet is starts with a prelim session of 100’s in each stroke and a 200m IM final. Although at this time I’m not awfully training a lot there’s no way I could miss out on swimming in front of the home crowd.

I didn’t expect anything from this meet other than having a good time with my team. Well, this of course isn’t the full truth as you never compete just for the fun (at least I don’t). It always makes me furious when one of the other guys in my heat puts in a higher gear and overtakes me.

Our pool is only 5 lane SCM and the meet grew bigger over the last few years. There was nothing I could do to hide my lack of training and the packed warm-up pool didn’t help to get some needed swimming in either that morning. I ended up doing lots of vertical kicking and some drills and hypoxic work to the end when the pool cleared up.

To sum it up, I did better than expected. I was off my times and had to suffer a lot for not being consistent with my training. But at least I had a decent 100m breaststroke that day and of course a ton of fun.

Full results of the meet can be access through Swim Rankings or view my personal results.