Championnat Romand d’hiver Lausanne

On Saturday Dec 19th I competed at the Championnat Romand d’hiver in Lausanne. I substituted my Saturday morning workout with this meet by entering more events than I normally would at Regionals. My team mates were on a short 3 day break as we were leaving on Sunday morning for our Christmas/New Year training camp in Tenerife.

As you already know, my swimming is far from being consistent but I still thought this meet would be a good opportunity for me to see if my “shape” stays more or less the same or if it gets worse over time.

As during my last meet in Neuchatel I didn’t come up with great performances in any of my races but was still happy with my results. I know my shape is nothing to be proud of right now but at least my results are consistently “good” for the amount of training I’m able to do.

Full results of the meet can be access through the Swim Rankings website. My personal results can be viewed by clicking here.